Do not hesitate! Advertary might be an abstract term but we have solid knowledge.

Advertary, more of a concept and an idea, aims to bring communication and marketing solutions based on diligence, devotion, and innovation.

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Public Relations

Our innovative services are unrivaled. Our goal is for our campaigns to make a mark, providing you with excellent PR coverage. We provide services to a wide range of industry sectors.


Our event solutions are wide - ranging and one-of-a-kind. We handle everything from creating the invitation to organizing for the social world's who's who to join and following up with the media afterwards.

Social Media Management

Advertary has all the methods and expertise to help you improve your social media presence. We know what users like seeing online as well as how to approach an engaged audience.

Hello World,
We are Advertary

Advertary began as an idea. As an idea for seeing communication in a fresh perspective. The year 2022 serves as the starting point for our project. We are still in our early stages, but our goal is to support personas, institutions, and businesses in establishing their digital identities. We strive for fewer, more feasible words and more recognizable actions. As a communications firm, we prefer to stay centered on what we do.

Angelos Orfanidis
Founder & General Manager


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Values establish the work ethic.

Our most important value is honesty. This concept encompasses how we collaborate, our ideas, suggestions, and expectations. Honesty is built on the foundations of diligence, devotion for what we do, and a desire to be better every day with you.

Our Values

Timeless and Solid